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Hedeboe is working in close collaboration with architects in all major projects. Our customers are typically homeowners, landowners and owners of condominiums. To plan a larger work such as a new building or a more extensive renovation makes great demands.

Major projects are complex and customers usually need help to understand and see the big picture of the project. Together with our experts, we can coordinate the work so that it takes place as smoothly as possible for our customers. Hedeboe project buildings, facilities and outdoor / indoor environments - from idea to follow up. To help us, we have several planners / designers with environmental and safety awareness.

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Hedeboe Arkitektur & Konstruktion
Smedeland 7
2600 Glostrup Danmark

Hedeboe Bygg- & Fastighetsservice
Stationsgatan 5
253 73 Gantofta Sverige

Mail: arne@hedeboe.se
Tel: 0721768599 eller 0709847648

Hedeboe är ett släktnamn.Släkten kommer ursprungligen från Tune, som ligger strax utanför Roskilde i Danmark.Hedeboe har en lång tradition av byggande.

Redan på 1800-talet deltog Hedeboe i att uppföra hus och byggnader däribland Havrebjerg Valgmenighedskirke.

 Hedeboe som företag fanns redan år 1909 genom Hedeboe Grusgrav.



"Hedeboe is known for its Scandinavian origin. Hedeboe stands for simplicity, functionality and modesty."

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