Hedeboe has craftsmen who specialize in both small and major construction projects, and have the experience of having built hotels and sports facilities. We even build industrial buildings, isolated with steel frame,sandwich panels, door,  roof and window installation. We also have several references for the construction of complete houses from foundation to turnkey. Hedeboe gives advice and tips for building.

Our special approach is to design of houses and villas follows the Scandinavian traditions.

We find our roots in the Scandinavian folk heritage. We stand for what is internationally, usually described as the "Scandinavian Style" namely simplicity, functionality, and modesty. Around the world, Scandinavians are described as restrained. The Scandinavians don´t exalt themselves or behave arrogantly. We don´t evict us with estates or drive too luxury cars. Scandinavians are often simply dressed. We are described to reflect a kind of "understated elegance" in the way we behave. Call tone among Scandinavians are said to be subdued and we are  reluctant to talk about our successes: in short, "Scandinavian" are internationally, often share a kind of disciplined restraint.