Seasons change, so does the need for light, heat and cold. In winter, low U-values protect the house from the cold. In the summer reflectors in modern windows protect the sun's heat from getting too strong indoors.

Today, we see a growing demand of energy efficiency. At the same time there is an increasing need of more light in the house. More and more property owners choose glazed surfaces. This implies requirements on us as suppliers. More light and bigger glass surfaces must be combined with the increasing demands on energy efficiency.

wooden windows

Wooden windows can be opened either outward or inward. If you choose triple glazing we can offer windows with a glass thickness up to 48 mm. This type of glass provides greater safety, better heat recovery and less noise. You can also choose between a side-hung window or a window that opens either at the bottom or at the top. Most people also select a so-called ventilation position.

Wooden windows are available in many dimensions.

Wood / aluminum

Wood interior and aluminum exterior. Also available in a huge selection. Option for all our windows arE glass that is sound insulating, self-washing, and laminated or has reinforced security.

Composite Windows

Composite windows can be customized to suit every type of house, in terms of dimensions, thickness, performance, color etc. There is a color scale that is wide and allows for more precise color selection. The delivery time for composite window is usually shorter than the delivery time for wood and wood / aluminum.